Benefit from Slow Times

summer salon promo

Salon Summertime Promo

It’s summer time, and many of us have vacations, beach days, and barbequing on our mind. Your salon may have a steady flow of clients visiting for pedicures, trims, and color touchups. As a result, maybe you’re feeling less inclined to rev up the specials, upgrades, and special packages because you might be thinking that people are probably just not that into much more than sand, sea, and air conditioned living rooms at the moment.

The Real Deal
Well, the truth is, many businesses tend to slow down on their promotions this time of the year because they think clients are too busy shuttling their kids to ballgames, packing their SUV’s for their summer road trips, and basking out by their pools instead of tuning in to hear and see the great deals they’ve cooked up just for them.

Center of Attention
Less businesses advertising means more opportunity for you to show off what makes you special. It’s a chance to escape the clutter and come out in the forefront.

Great Resource

I stumbled upon a great article by Marsha Friedman that really drives home the point of how important it is to stay in the promotion game during the summer. She sums it up in three simple ways: people still spend money, opportunities are out there in the masses, and smart planning is the key to pulling it off. Read her article for more in depth details.

For more in-depth salon marketing and management tips, check out Salon Buzz: Marketing & Management Ideas for Ultimate Success.

Wishing you ultimate success,

Dennise Cardona


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